Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lallo International Airport

Lallo International Airport to be open 4th quarter of this year..
to learn more about this news check out this link.
Lallo Cagayan ph International Airport

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First landing in Lallo Int'l Airport in Lallo,Cagayan Valley hoping to be fully operational soon....
Mabuhay ang mga Cagayanos!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Buguey Crab Hotel

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warrant of Arrest para kay Mayor Licerio Antiporda ng Buguey,Cagayan 1995 pa?????

Warrant arrest umano na ipinalalabas ng abogado umano ng kalyado ni Mayor Antiporda petsa Mayo,1995 pa???Inquirer .net hindi porket kapamilya nyo si ATTY Manuel Molina sunodsunoran kayo sa mga pigagawa nya sa inyo o sinasampal na lang kayo ng pera ba ????mga mapanlinlang na tao
sa katunayan nga yung financier nilang si DT??? nilalapitan nadaw nya si Mayor pero mahabang proseso yan... mamaya patayin nanaman yan tapos sisihin nanaman Antiporda..
mga buwakang ina nyo...

Sa mga taga suporta ni Mayor Antiporda nais po nyang ipaalam na sya po nasa maayos na kalagayan at buo parin nyang ginagampanan ang mga alituntunin bilang Alkalde sa bayan ng Buguey....
Forward Buguey!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

SC upholds appellate court ruling..

Supreme Court upholds the appallete ruling against Licerio Antiporda III Cagayan,Valley Town Mayor

Monday, January 30, 2012

BFAR call it responsible dredging sa ginanap na Tipon Tipon sa PIA

Officials of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said they are for the responsible dredging project in the Buguey Lagoon to improve the navigational course of fishermen in the said coastal town.
In this week’s edition of the ‘Tipon-Tipan Sa PIA,’ most of the BFAR officials said that for the last decade, boats in the area could hardly pass through the mouth of the lagoon, part of the 14-kilometer Buguey River, into the sea because of heavy siltation.
Earlier, local and foreign experts have undergone independent study on the lagoon due to its prominence as a land of international importance declared during the 1998 Ramsar, Iran Convention sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Educational Council (UNESCO).
“While dredging the lagoon is very important for navigational purposes, habitats of endemic species should be protected,” Dr. Evelyn Ame, chief, Fisheries Resources Management Division said.
The lagoon is home to a variety of endemic species in the area particularly ‘siganids’ (Malaga), shrimps, shellfishes and most importantly, crabs and crablings in the wild.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said at least 27 species of migratory birds from Asian countries do visit the area during winter months. The presence of the fowls is an indication of the ecological balance existing in the wetlands of the lagoon, the agency added.
As early as a decade ago, the local government unit has seen the necessity of dredging the mouth of the river in Barangay Minanga as the fishermen has reported decreasing catch as an after effect of the heavy siltation in the area.
The fishery bureau expressed hope it will be included in the planning stage of the activity to suggest areas that should not be dredged as these are habitats of endemic species.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Expert clear off fears on dredging

Buguey,Cagayan A marine science expert said dredging will not cause flooding as alleged by anti-mining advocates in at least five municipalities in the province.
Dr. Fernando Siringan of the Marine Environment and Resources Foundation-Marine Science Institute of the University of the Philippines clarified that sand per se is not a binding material but the mud present in it, correcting the information during his presentation on the geomorphic changes of the lower Cagayan River held here last week.
“Sand is not a binding material. It is the mud,” he told hundreds of Cagayanos who attended his presentation on the Institute’s findings on the Cagayan River in relation to pocket operations of magnetite mining in the area.
The research was done to find ways and means to lessen flooding, reduce riverbank erosion and evaluate potential site for the establishment of a new Port of Aparri.
According to the research, the channel along the mouth of the Cagayan River in Aparri is constricted by almost 50 percent due to the presence of sand bars, along its west bank.
He said there has been changes in the depth of the river where the deepest part at 40 feet is located between the barangays of Agusi in Camalaniugan and Toran Aparri.
Earlier, anti-dredging advocates in Gonzaga, Buguey, Camalaniugan, Aparri and Lal-lo claimed that mining the magnetite sand will result to flooding as no material will hold together the soil along riverbanks and seashores.
It was learned that the mouth of the river is 20 feet deep and should be dredged to not more than 8 meters depth.
He suggested that the dredged materials can be used for lost land at the same time can elevate the present river bank. However, he also cautioned that there should be a schedule of maintenance dredging and a team from Aparri to be formed to monitor the river level.
The provincial government commissioned Siringan and his group last year for a three month study in aid of a plan to finally dredge the lower Cagayan River .
In a related development, Siringan said that if and when the government decide to dredge the river, the province should buy its own dredger machine and to adopt the earlier recommendation made by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which likewise suggested the area near the mouth of the river should be dredged.
Siringan claimed the province has enough mineral resources like iron and titanium that Cagayan should put up its own sand processing plant.
“Cagayano investors should be encourage to go into the project and part of the income derived from the venture should be earmarked for environment protection including rehabilitation of the river,” he said.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buguey Tourism Beefing up!!!!Lets GO!!!!!!!

Buguey intensifies tourism efforts

by Benjie S. De Yro
BUGUEY, Cagayan, January 17 (PIA) -- It’s all systems go for the extensive and massive development of the tourism industry in this coastal municipality.
This was after the Land Bank of the Philippines-Northern Luzon approved an earlier request of the local government unit for a P50 million loan assistance. This amount will be used for the construction of a new hotel at the El Presidente Beach Resort and the purchase of tourism construction equipment, according to Mayor Licerio M. Antiporda III.
Earlier, the Local Chief Executive vowed to bank on the tourism potentials of his town to provide livelihood and employment opportunities to Bugueyanos.
Antiporda said the bulk of the assistance will be used for the construction of a new hotel at the El Presidente Beach Resort.
Mayor Antiporda revealed the new hotel will be the center of the town’s tourism promotions and strategies.
Likewise, the newly organized Buguey Tourism Council is expected to draw various projects and programs to support the infrastructure component of the tourism plan.
Travel writers have also encouraged the LGU to pursue a tourism plan to promote Buguey to both local and foreign visitors.
Aside from the place’s history and nature, Buguey is home to culinary wonders.
“We got a sure winner in Buguey,” travel writer Vic Lactaoen declared last year. (PIA 2)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cagayan River set to be Dredge

Cagayan River Construction & Development Corporation(CRCDC)

Astra Resources PLC has signed an agreement with Cagayan River Construction & Development Corporation (CRCDC) on iron sands project in Philippines.

The joint venture’s purpose is dredging, developing and managing the iron sands reserves in the Cagayan River Delta located in the Cagayan Valley Region and off-shore in the North Eastern part of Luzon in the Philippines.

Jaydeep Biswas, chief executive officer of Astra said that the dredging, developmental and mining permits, currently allocated to CRCDC, have been assigned to the benefit of the joint venture.

“Third party reports including geological studies from CRCDC have been positive, indicating that the area is an established producing region that exports to nearby steel manufacturing markets in China, Korea and Taiwan.

“CRCDC has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with a Provincial Board in the Province of Cagayan, allowing the dredging of the Delta with the responsibility to dispose of the sand metal content and residue.

“The unusually high grade iron content is disposable through export and the residue is recyclable into other construction uses.”

Silvana De Cianni, managing director of Astra, explained that the undertaking will be mechanized from river seabed dredging preparation, to suction and discharge to barges.

“For the specific purpose of disposing the sand stone waste and residue and marketing the processed iron component of the sands, a separate subsidiary with Astra at the helm shall be incorporated in Hong Kong.”

Prior to realizing the funding, the required geological work and feasibility studies are being carried out.

This great opportunity will give Astra a significant potential export business to China, Taiwan and Korea.

Astra Resources’ global portfolio includes gold and iron sands interests in Southeast Asia, coal mines in Africa, iron ore in India, carbon efficient businesses, mining housing developments in Queensland and the production of the high-strength T-Steel technology in Hungary

Monday, November 28, 2011

Remembering d nuang

Saturday, October 15, 2011

GSIS signs agreement with Buguey, Cagayan

GSIS President and General Manager Robert G. Vergara signs the Memorandum of Agreement with Mayor Licerio M. Antipoda III of Buguey, Cagayan. The MOA calls for the settlement of P7.4 million in unpaid interest on delayed remittances by the municipal goverment of Buguey, covering the period 1998 to 2010. Under the MOA, Buguey has agreed to make a downpayment of 20 percent on the said interest. For its part, the GSIS will condone 30 percent of the interest charges on the obligation, leaving a balance of P4.1 million on Buguey’s unsettled interest obligation. Buguey has committed to pay the balance within 24 monthsBuguey signs new agreement to GSIS